The ALOT mission is “to provide advanced leadership experiences that will make a positive impact to the future of agriculture and agribusiness in Missouri and beyond.”

We do this by providing a two year adult leadership training program targeted toward rural leaders and agricultural producers who have a passion to promote Missouri agriculture and strengthen their rural communities.

The ALOT program includes ten in-state three day sessions, a week long seminar in Washington D.C., and a two week international experience to a country that impacts Missouri agriculture. The program enhances participants’ communication and leadership skills, expands their understanding of agricultural issues, encourages involvement and leadership initiative in their industry and communities, connects participants to ALOT’s 400 alumni participants across Missouri.  ALOT introduces them to hundreds more of Missouri’s innovative and involved citizens who offer their personal experiences and insights to help participants become more effective leaders.

ALOT began in 1983. Our alums serve on the boards of almost every agricultural organization in Missouri, fourteen have served in the Missouri legislature, one is a U.S. Congressman, and four have served as Missouri Directors of Agriculture. We are now working with ALOT Class XVI. The 26 participants were selected though a highly competitive process.